Application Form

This initiative seeks to identify practical solutions for a small number of pilot communities who have challenges accessing or being able to bank physical cash. We are looking for a small (5-20) number of communities across the UK who have real challenges today (e.g. having lost a bank branch, limited ATM access, parts of the community unable to get easy access to cash, shops finding it hard to bank cash) who are prepared to work with us to identify solutions. There is some funding available to support solutions and resource in the form of local support, and senior sponsorship which can unblock issues. We hope that this work will not just help selected communities, but also identify solutions which could be scaled nationally.

However, the aim of this is not to impose national solutions, but to work with you to identify what works for you. Therefore, we will need to select pilot communities which are prepared to commit time and effort in identifying the needs of the local community and working with us on solutions. The more support that you have locally the better, as we believe that many possible solutions are likely to need the support of the local council, your MP or other influential members of your community. Therefore, if they support your community’s inclusion as a pilot, this will help significantly.

This application form should be completed by whoever is leading the bid for your community. Please answer all of the questions to the best of your ability – we are seeking to understand you and your community and do not require finessed proposals.

Applications to become a pilot community have now closed. We are reviewing the applications received and will notify all applicants of whether or not they have been selected to be a pilot community by the end of June.

If you have a query regarding your application please contact us here and we will do our best to assist.