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How the Pilots can help you.

If you live in one of the eight pilot communities you can test and use new services to support you with your cash and banking needs. These services are only running from April 2021 until the end of October 2021, so please use them while you can! How much they are used and what you think of the services will influence whether or not these services are rolled out more widely after the pilots have ended, so we would love you to try them out, and to hear what you think.

If you have feedback on any of the pilot services, please do share it here.

Services being piloted are:

Withdrawing or depositing cash, over a counter, with space and privacy. People in all communities told us that, at times, they need an indoor, private and safe space to do their banking. It also needs to be local.

In Rochford and Cambuslang we are setting up new ‘Bank Hubs’ which, like a bank branch, have a counter service which can help you do all of your basic banking, including cash withdrawals and deposits. They are run by the Post Office, but won’t be taking parcels – they are dedicated to supporting you to bank, and have been designed to give you privacy and space.

In Millisle, Burslem, Hay-on-Wye and Denny we are refurbishing the existing Post Office facilities to make them easier to use and a little more private, so that they can support you in your banking.

In Lulworth Camp and Botton Village we have set up new, mobile Post Office facilities which support basic banking, cash withdrawals and deposits. The Lulworth Camp facilities are just for those working and living on site, but the Botton facilities are open to the whole of the wider community.

In Denny, we are also working with a new service, called OneBanks, which offers consumers and businesses free access to their own bank accounts in a secure location, with a fully staffed and trained team in the Co-Op, using the latest technology and biometrics ensure secure transactions including cash deposits and withdrawals, payments and transfers. For more information please visit

Face to Face banking support from your own community banker. In Rochford and Cambuslang, in our new ‘Bank Hubs’ we have the major banks coming to provide support to their customers, face to face. Each bank will offer their own services, in their own way – so check in the page for your local community to see what’s on offer, and how to get an appointment.

Support to get online banking, and work digitally. We know that not everyone finds digital banking easy or straightforward. In Rochford, Cambuslang, Burslem, Hay-on-Wye, Denny and Millisle we are offering practical support to help you get online. No question is too stupid!  Check in the page for your local community to see what’s on offer for you.

A guide to what your banks can offer you. All banks offer a wide range of services that most people don’t know about. In fact, as we’ve set up these pilots, we had requests for a lot of services – and found that many are already offered. We’ve written a short guide to these services, and how they can help you.

Cashback. We know that in all of the pilot areas there are limited places to get cash – which we want to change. We’d like people to be able to ask for cash – i.e. money from their own account – from local shops, using their debit or credit cards. We are trialling three different approaches to Cashback, to see what works in different areas.

In Cambuslang, Hay-on-Wye, Burslem and Denny, a number of retailers are offering cashback – without you needing to buy anything. The retailer receives a small fee for offering cashback, making this a valuable service for consumers as well as retailers. You can get any amount of cashback, whether a round number like £10, or just what you need.. such as £6.73.

In Hay-on-Wye, Rochford, and Millisle a wide range of retailers are also offering cashback. For these sites you do need to buy something, but it can be as low as 1p – and participating retailers are ready with products you can buy costing just 1p, including Postcards in Hay-on-Wye. Retailers are being paid to offer this service, so it is valuable for the retailers for you to use it. Click on the specific community page to see details of the participating retailers.

And in Burslem, we are trialling a third approach, which is app-based, provided by a company called Sonect. The Sonect service gives customers the freedom to order the cash they need using our App on their mobile phone, even before leaving home, knowing they are guaranteed that their money will be waiting for them when they pop in to the local shop of their choice. This will be free for participating retailers to use. To sign up, contact or visit for more details.

Managing small change. One of the challenges with managing cash is all the small change we get. It’s a hassle for shopkeepers, as they need to keep getting more change from a bank and can fill our pockets and end up going to waste.

In Rochford, Millisle and Denny we are trialling a new solution, run by a British company called Shrap that enables you to receive your change on a card or mobile app when paying with cash. The service is totally free, and works like a ‘virtual coin jar’ where change can be saved and spent anonymously with businesses and friends. To sign up simply collect a (free) card from a participating business, or click here to learn more:

Getting debt advice, and support to manage your money. Through some of these pilots we are working with local charities and agencies to make it easier for you to get support.

In Burslem, we are working with Number 11 ( ), a local charity to support consumers to manage their money and understand how to budget better. We are also offering similar services to this through our Bank Hubs in Rochford and Cambuslang, and also in community hubs in Millisle, Hay-on-Wye and Denny.

ATMs. Through these pilots we have made sure that every one of these communities have free-to-use ATMs available for the community to use.

This includes new ATMs in Lulworth Camp and Botton Village, and the change of a pay-to-use ATM to free-to-use in Cambuslang. We have also made sure that existing ATMs are working well – including improving the accessibility and lighting where required.

Find out what is being offered in your local community:

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