Cambuslang (South Lanarkshire)

Cambuslang (South Lanarkshire) is a town of c.28,600 people, the third largest town in South Lanarkshire, but since 2018 has had no bank in town, following the closures of branches by three banks in quick succession. According to the latest version of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD), some 40% of areas (data zones) in Cambuslang East and 25% in Cambuslang West are in the bottom 20% of the SIMD. The Cambuslang community are keen to address two key issues, first, supporting financially vulnerable customers in accessing cash, and supporting small businesses to be able to access and bank cash. The local leaders of this pilot, Cambuslang Community Council, are passionate about the opportunity to support their community though better access to cash, education and, ultimately, influencing the coming legislation change.  

Services available through the pilots:


In Cambuslang we are offering:

A new Bank Hub, run by the Post Office, which offers essential banking services for consumers and small businesses – for customers of all major banks. Think of a shared bank branch, covering all of the major banks, in just one building. Provided in a private environment suitable for managing your money. The Bank Hub is located at 158 Main Street G72 7EL and will be open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Community Bank support. If you want to see someone from your bank, come to the Bank Hub. Many of the largest banks will be offering face to face services (Covid secure of course) to support their local customers, in a dedicated room. Each bank will be operating their time in their own way, and for some banks you can just walk in, and for others you will need to book an appointment. These operating days are:
Monday – Royal Bank of Scotland
Tuesday – Santander
Wednesday – Virgin Money
Thursday – Bank of Scotland
Friday – TSB

Support to get online banking, and work digitally. We know it can be confusing, so we are offering help and support. Details of how you can access this will follow shortly.

ATM. There will be two, not just one free to use ATMs in Cambuslang. One is run by NatWest. On Main Street, and for the length of the pilot, the ATM in Corky’s has also been made free to use. No need to pay to get access to your own money.

Cashback from local retailers – so that when you buy things from local stores you can also ask for cashback of any amount – whether a round figure (e.g. £10) or just what you need.

Participating retailers are:

Pandora’s Box Card & Gift Shop
96 Main Street
G72 7EJ

Dicksons Chemist Pharmacy
108 Main Street
G72 7EJ

Dicksons Chemist Pharmacy
222 Main Street
G72 7EN

The Tea Bay Coffee Shop
240 Main Street
G72 7EG

Cashback without a purchase. You can get cashback from some participating retailers without needing to buy anything, and you can get whatever money is in your account, even if not a round number (£6.73 is fine..). Participating retailers are:

140 Main Street
G 72 7EL

Stationery & Cards
225 Hamilton Road
G 72 7PH

Nisa Way
151 Western Road
G 72 8EG

Pacitti Of Burnside
126 Dukes Road
G 73 5AF

Cathkin Newsagents
16 Braemar Road
G 73 5LJ

Guide to what your bank can offer you. The banks offer a wide range of services that most people don’t know about. In fact, as we’ve set up these pilots, we had requests for a lot of services – and found that many are already offered. We’ve written a short guide to these services, and how they can help you.

Getting debt advice, and support to manage your money. The local community are working with Citizens Advice Scotland to support customers who need help with both budgeting and  to offer debt advice. The Bank Hub will also support people to do their banking in other ways including digital.


In Cambuslang we are offering:

Faster deposits for small businesses – in private.

A Bank Hub, run by the Post Office, which offers essential banking services for consumers and small businesses, for customers of all the major banks. The Bank Hub is located at 158 Main Street G72 7EL and will be open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Out of hours ‘bag drop’ service – we are aiming to offer this in Cambuslang which will operate longer hours, located in the community and run by NoteMachine. Local businesses can sign up to use the service, and simply deposit cash out of hours. To sign up, contact or visit for more details.

Cashback for your customers – at no cost to you

We know that there are limited ATM facilities in Cambuslang, and that many consumers would welcome the chance to get more cash locally. We also suspect that if people get cash locally, they will spend it locally. We are therefore offering local retailers, cafes and restaurants the option to give out cashback to consumers, with costs covered by the pilot. If you are interested in hearing more, contact